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Technical Community

The International Aid Transparency Initiative is supported by a small technical secretariat, but the IATI technical community is far wider, including all the organisations and individuals involved in producing, supporting, using and creating tools that work with, IATI data.

Technical Community and the TAG

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is made up of both policy and technology specialists who are invited to an (approximately) annual face-to-face meeting to discuss the IATI standard and it's development.

There is a strong overlap between the TAG membership, and those in the wider IATI technical community, but you do not need to be a formal TAG member to contribute to this wiki.

Mailing list

Regular discussion takes place on the mailing list.

IRC channel

The IATI Technical Team have taken to hanging around on IRC in the #iati channel on freenode.

Further, we plan to guarantee that there will be at least one of us on line every Thursday at 15:00 UTC (16:00 CET, 10:00 EST) for an hour or so. We'd like to make that a time where we find out as much about what you might be up to, as much as it is a chance for us to tell you about what we are doing.

Organisations and individuals

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