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Set up mailing list

Tim will re-purpose the IATI Tools google group:!forum/iati-technical

Aidinfo staff will notify their mailing list about the group on Monday 21st May 2012

This was completed by bill.anderson on 22nd May 2012.

A proper mailing list

The task of mailing is not quite complete. We have a list of TAG 2012 attendees and they have been informed of the mailing list and wiki. But there's loads of other people we need to inform:

  • Those invited to TAG 2012 who didn't come
  • Those who have posted to
  • Open Development mailing list
  • Other groups (UKAN, Bond, BetterAid, etc)

I think we need to build and curate a single list. (Or a super-set list of lists) — Bill Anderson 2012/05/24 11:40

Good idea. So who's job does this become? And when should it be done by? — David Carpenter 2012/05/24 11:52

Discussion distribution and newsletter lists

It strikes me we probably have three lists needed:

  • IATI Technical that is our discussion list for high-traffic conversations of all things technical
  • An announcements list to which standard change proposals and notifications are sent
    • With a really clear policy; only posted to by approved people; messages CCed to IATI Technical where they can be discussed;
    • Mostly quiet, with quarterly flurries of messages
    • Anyone with an interest in the standard should be a member
    • Messages should be clearly headed [CHANGE] or [PROPOSAL] to let people filter for what they want
  • A newsletter list which we get as many people as possible onto and which posts monthly round-up of all things

Only the IATI Technical discussion list is done so far. The others still need to be created. We will want to manually add lots of people to the announce list and then have them opt out, which makes Google Groups a trickier option (not great when you try and directly add lots of people).

Mailchimp type tools might be most appropriate for this and the newsletter perhaps?

Set up mailing list Task
Assigned to:Matt
Due date:2012/05/21

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