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Technical Roadmap

Any member of the IATI community can add their planned work to this shared roadmap.

Roadmap Items

The roadmap items below are mostly based on discussions from the 2012 TAG meeting. If you have more details on any roadmap item, please click through to create the relevant page (you may want to rename the items before clicking through).


June 2012

July 2012

2012 August

September 2012

October 2012

November 2012

December 2012

January 2013


Task list

We have the Dokuwiki Task plugin installed which you can use to optionally track the status of roadmap items. Add

to any page in this section to include it in the public task tracker. When changing due dates, be sure to also update the list above.

Set up mailing list 2012/05/21 00:00 Matt
Set up public calendar 2012/05/31 00:00 Tim Davies
Survey of donors 2012/07/31 00:00 Tim Davies

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