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Survey of donors

At the 2012 TAG meeting in Cookham, there were discussions about the need to better understand:

  • How donors currently manage their aid information (e.g. what software platforms are they using)
  • How donors currently visualise their aid information
  • Any plans donors had to develop new tools to visualise and use their aid information

This could help support better collaboration between donors.

At present, this is an idea only, and we need to decide if this should be a job for the TAG, Secretariat, or an independent party.

Survey Management

Survey Questions

About You

Basic demographics

Technical contact / Policy contact

Are you (check all that apply)

  • [ ] Already publishing IATI Data
  • [ ] Preparing to publish IATI Data
  • [ ] Interested in publishing IATI Data
  • [ ] A user of IATI data (either directly, or through different tools and third parties)
  • [ ] Interested in making more use of IATI data
  • [ ] The creator of a tool that works with IATI data

What do publishers do?

Questions to help us map out the current publication processes for IATI data

If you are not yet publishing IATI data, but are preparing or planning to publish data, please answer with respect to your current plans.

  • Has publishing (or planning to publish) IATI data required you to start collecting new information on your aid activities? [Yes / No]
    • If yes, what:
  • Do you currently hold information on aid projects in a database? [Yes / No]
    • If yes, please describe the database you use. In particular: what software is used; who is the vendor; is it an off-the-shelf product, or bespoke for your organisation.
  • Can your database hold all the information you need to publish IATI data?
    • If no, please describe the particular information it currently lacks (e.g. geolocation; sector codes etc.)
  • Do you have any plans to change your database in the next few years?
  • Do you already publish details of your projects on your website?
    • If yes, please provide the URL
    • Which of the following features does your website currently provide?
      • List of projects
      • Map of project locations
      • Financial details on projects
      • Detailed transactional information on project spending
      • Classification of projects
      • Results data on projects
      • Links to related documents
      • Links to related media
  • How do/will you generate your IATI data?
    • A bespoke modification to our database software
    • A bespoke modification to your website
    • Converting from a CSV file
    • Using the AidStream online tool
    • Using the OpenAidRegister online tool
  • Is your IATI data:
    • Provided live from your project database or website
    • Provided as a periodic export
  • In preparing to publish your data in the IATI format, did you make use of any of the following. If so, how useful did you find them?
    • [Very useful - Not at all useful - Did not use]
    • IATI Standard Website
    • IATI Support & Knowledge Base
    • Looking at examples of other files
  • What would you like to see to make it easier for you to publish IATI or add value to your IATI data in the future?
    • [ Free Text ]

Cost and benefit estimates

This section should cover questions to help publishers estimate the cost and benefits they have seen so far of publishing IATI data.

What do publishers want?

Questions about potential tools we might provide

AidInfo is currently working on plans to develop an open source toolkit of resources for accessing and working with IATI data (aimed at intermediaries and researchers), and a Commissioning Fund which can help organisations pool resources to commission user-facing tools that would bring them a greater return on their publication of IATI data.

We are interested in understanding possible priorities for these.

What do users do?

Questions about how people are currently accessing the data

What do users want?

We are currently exploring

  • Please rate the following features in order of importance:
    • RSS feeds of latest updated IATI data
    • E-mail alerts of latest IATI data
Survey of donors Task
Assigned to:Tim Davies
Due date:2012/07/31

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