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AidView API

The AidView API is an eXist data store of IATI data, with an API layer providing support for:

  • Retrieving individual project data
  • Accessing aggregated statistics
  • Free text searching over the data

It is primarily developed for the the AidView application, but is accessible for addition prototype development.

Note: API location and functionality is subject to change. Please contact Tim Davies if you are using the API to be notified of changes.

Detailed Description

AidView uses an API which stores a sub-set of the data from the IATI Registry and is currently accessible at

The data in the API has been through an import pipeline which:

  • Normalises currency to USD
  • Creates total project values based on the highest of total commitments, total disbursement or total spending
  • Pre-computers OLAP cubes for a number of values to support faster queries

Data stored in the API is manually refreshed, and editorialised, so the main corpus of data only includes data appropriate for display in the AidView interface (e.g. recent projects).

An open source version of the code for the AidView API is due soon.


Check the AidView Backend Database documentation for details of how to set up your own version of the API.

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