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Linked Data Conversion

An initial workflow for converting IATI data into Linked Data, and uploading this to a triple store, has been developed in prototype.

A copy of the data is currently available through a SPARQL endpoint at (See SNORQL interface onto endpoint for human browsing)

This triple store is not updated on a scheduled or regular basis. It is possible this data may be behind or out of of synchronisation with current IATI data. Please contact Tim Davies to request the data is refreshed if you have an application that requires this.

The current linked data model is draft, and is likely to change. Please add a note to this page with details of any tools using the linked data so that we can inform users in advance of proposed changes.

Detailed Description

Linked data can support the integration of diverse data sources and extra contextual information linked to IATI project information, as well as providing a flexible way to query IATI data via SPARQL.

As an XML standard, IATI does not yet have an agreed linked data vocabulary, but a proof of concept has been established, and a proposal has been made for updates to the standard to better accomodate linked data.


The Research for Development prototype makes use of IATI linked data and research data to present a widget that queries that data via SPARQL to find research related to a given IATI ID.

The CharityViz widget demo provides a contextual information widget using data accessed with SPARQL.


Experimental documentation of using 4Store to host IATI linked data is here.

Details of the original proof of concept are on AidInfoLabs.

An alternative approach using Virtuoso is documented here and the development of a new Virtuoso based platform is in progress here

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