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There is also a copy of the history that has been converted into a git repository at:
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What is OpenAid NL?

In September 2011 the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs started publishing data on all the development aid projects it finances. The data is published in the international IATI standard which is easy for computers to read, but very hard for humans. On the information is made accessible using a web-interface. The web-interface is powered by OIPA (Openaid IATI Parser and API), a webservice that runs from the OIPA network.

History was initiated by, a Dutch non-profit organisation dedicated to developing internet and mobile tools that make aid more efficient and transparent.

Zimmerman & Zimmerman is a dutch design and consultancy firm that develops online concepts. They where responsible for developing the concept, the design and the technical development of

You can find the AGPL licensed code for both the User Interface for at Github. You will also find the OIPA webservice which you can download, use and test with. OIPA is also released under the AGPL licence.

Developments for 2012 will consist of producing openaidsearch (operational late June 2012) which will also be powered by OIPA.

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