As of the 1st of February 2015 this wiki has been deprecated.
This archive is now a read only site.
There is also a copy of the history that has been converted into a git repository at:
Please do not rely on any of the information found here.

IATI Tools

There are many different tools developed and currently in development for creating, validating and consuming IATI data. This page provides links to those tools right now, and will be developed to provide detailed documentation on tools soon.

IATI also has a github organisation at for code curated directly by IATI.

Creating IATI Data

Validating and managing data quality

Validation Tools are used to check the quality of data formatted to the IATI Standard.

Consuming IATI data

Tools for accessing and working with IATI Data




In development:


PHP clients

Conversion Tools

IATI Data on Third Party Platforms


Tools under development


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