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There is also a copy of the history that has been converted into a git repository at:
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Who is publishing ...?

Tries to answer the question: “Who is publishing 'x' IATI activity element?” e.g. location or results info. Creator: caprenter

Detailed Description

PHP based application
Requires a daily update of IATI data. Needs to run a processing script to generate data on the data, which is stored and can be displayed to end users. As such it has to:

  • Track changes to the registry
  • Automate downloads of updated files
  • Run a time consuming script over all IATI data
  • Agree what data is processed and stored by the previous script
  • Make the results available to a web application

At the moment it does this in parts that sometimes need to be manually pushed together.
BUT it is a process that I think others might replicate. As such the process may be more important than the application.


Currently it is bundled inside: see the where_is directory

Demo here:

This should link into the development of other 'data on the data' tools

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