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XSLT Library

Many users of IATI data would prefer to access it in some format other than XML, often in CSV format for use in spreadsheet software. A number of different tools are available to support conversion of the data, the most commonly used being the CSV Converter tool linked from the IATI Registry.

Detailed Description

A series of XML Style Sheet Transformations are provided at which can be used in any XSLT Processor to turn IATI XML into other formats, including CSV, RDF, Atom and JSON for Exhibit.

These can be used in scripts or manually applied to individual files in order to get IATI data into the format you need.


  • AidInfoLabs has a tutorial on using the free desktop EditX software to run transformations.
  • On the Knowledge Base you will find details of using the command line xsltproc tool to transform data into CSV.

The source code of the transformations is available on GitHub. New and modified transformations are welcome.

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