As of the 1st of February 2015 this wiki has been deprecated.
This archive is now a read only site.
There is also a copy of the history that has been converted into a git repository at:
Please do not rely on any of the information found here.

The Wiki

Contribution Guidelines

This site runs dokuwiki. Many pages are open to edits from registered users. Anonymous edits are not allowed.

At present, edits can only be made using wikitext (or the forms provided for editing some pages). Dokuwiki syntax is described here.

Wiki Sections

The wiki is divided into sections (namespaces), and each namespace should have a default template for pages. When creating or editing a page, please try and stick to the template where possible.

Tip: Simple links (e.g.

) will link to a page of that name in the same namespace. To link between namespace, include the namespace and page name, separate by ':' such as

User pages

Every registered user can create their own user page. See the link at the top-right of the screen to access or create your page.

You are encourages to fill in a brief biography on your user page.


The roadmap is a space for shared planning of IATI related activities.

Any registered user can add items to the roadmap to describe activities they are currently involved in.

New pages should be added using the form on the 'Roadmap' page.


The community section contains details of individuals and organisations involved in IATI.

Registered users are encouraged to add themselves and/or their organisation to this section.


Anyone can add a new page describing an IATI tool.

Tool creators can request that documentation pages for their tool are access controlled if they wish to limit edits, but where you are able to edit and improve a tool page, you are invited and encouraged to do so.


The documentation section is maintained by the IATI Technical Secretariat only. Suggested edits should be forwarded to the Technical Secretariat.


The wiki is edited by Tim Davies and David Carpenter who will manage access control settings.

Further policies

Please note the license for content submitted to this site.

The editors reserve the right to add, edit or remove content at any time.

Content does not represent the views of IATI, The Technical Secretariat or any member of the community unless otherwise noted.

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